About Laura

Hello! My name is Laura Lane. I am a mudlover —one who enjoys a day that ends with stained knees, mud crusted boots, and dirt under my fingertips. I practice yoga -though less frequent than I would like- and can be found washing dishes far more often than I would like. I seek knowledge, walk boundaries, conspire with weeds, and admire the beauty of life. 

The relationship between soil, roots, and water has captivated me every since the days I licked rocks that smelt like rain. Since then, my love for ecology has become a pillar for my way of life. Growing desertification due to industrial practices of extraction and agriculture is a source of great pain to me. I see this desertification and the greater climate crisis as ironically symbolic of the cleansing and homogenizing practices that shape the current global economy, which has historically prioritized profitability over life. This prioritization is felt disproporationaly within lower income, queer, diasbled, and BIPOC communities. In the effort to dismantle and reimagine these practices, I aim to practice a regenerative model of community building, which calls out racism, ableism, and sexism while uplifting non-white and queer-bodied wisdoms.  

I am a storyteller, community educator, social scientist, and yoga therapist in training.