My name is Laura Lane (She/They). I am a social scientist, engineer, and ecologist building a career around regenerative and equitable food systems. I have particular interest in applying a disability justice framework to agriculture and conservation work to reach communities excluded and erased from those spaces. I am an intuitive problem solver with diverse education and lived experience as a farmhand, scientist, community educator, critical analyst, environmentalist, and creative.

Explore my portfolio to learn more about me, about my professional experience, and about my podcast Trash Talk. Stay tuned as I expand my site to include my creative work.

I am from tortillas and high desert breezes.
I am from a skillet
from the cutting board and the knife
from the smell of roasting garlic.
I am from rusty brick and mortar
from art scattered walls and the audible jazz
I am from rosary beads on advent nights
from the song of organ chords and the wafts of incense
I am from broken ideals of catholicism
conservative roots, 
blue collar boot straps 
and petrol job security
I am from public lands, dirt roads, and trash castles 
I am from mysterious linages
From my mother’s hair 
my fathers wood shavings
and my grandfather’s words to smile
I am from “good morning Momma loves you…"
and "finish your plate”
from red and green at the table
I am from clucks, whinnies, and bleats
from chicken buckets filled with scraps
I am from sour cherries, yarrow, and burgundy boughs
I am from tin-can rain dances and drought
from slow mending lichen 
and pinon trees whose long limbs I remember as my own